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Review: The Last Lecture

by Benjamin Anderson 3. March 2009 21:09

Wow. It's really difficult to pick a place to begin with this book!  I've had to postpone writing the review for it just so that my feelings and thoughts had time to settle and age a little bit.  This is a book that should be on everyone's reading list.  In fact, I'm adding it to my yearly reading list.  Randy Pausch's attitude and foresight into life will open up your own eyes to the cloudy perspective that so many of us have about life.  Our day-to-day routine becomes a burden and we lose sight of our purpose and what really matters in life.  This book really puts a smile on your face, despite the saddening circumstances involved in producing the book.

Randy Pausch’s purpose in his Last Lecture is to provide his friends, and most importantly, his children with the lessons that he has learned throughout his life and to also leave a little bit of himself behind for them in the future.  The lessons learned and the stories told will become a staple in people’s development in the future.


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Become a Better Programmer: Use the Trash Can

by Benjamin Anderson 2. March 2009 12:32
A very nice take on the world of development:


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Review: Outlier

by Benjamin Anderson 2. March 2009 12:24

Outlier is a great book.  It covers an unusual perspective that the individual is not the sole driver of one’s success.  The societal outliers are the result of linear progressions on inter-connected and related events.  It is a very interesting. and even entertaining read.  Definitely a must read.

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