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Book Review: “The Search for God and Guinness” by Stephen Mansfield

by Benjamin Anderson 7. February 2010 09:11

_240_360_Book.96.cover The Search for God and Guinness is a biography of the Guinness brewery and family, from the brewery management to the clerical side of the family, and even discusses the down fall of the individuals within the family.  To fully understand the struggle and importance of what the Guinness family and brewery did, the book first covers the history of brewing within European and American heritage, primarily the role and purpose of beer within the Catholic and Protestant churches for their own survival.  This history is a very enlightening one for anyone that has been sheltered in the prohibitionist American church.  With the understanding of the importance of beer within struggling societies before science understood illness and water purification, the importance and struggle of a brewmaster to deliver a healthy alternative to the toxic water source within a community without the damaging effects of hard liquor.

The Guinness family and the impact of the Brewery within Dublin and the rest of Irish culture is inspiring.  The Guinness, with it’s internal struggles and black sheep, is an example of a loving Christian family that can change the environment around them to the benefit of the community.  The results of the management decisions of the Guinness family and the good natured hearts of the leaders they attracted and employed turned Dublin and the Irish culture around when the struggle for life was a constant battle during the industrial revolution and the aftermath of the environment resulting from the press forward for a newly struggling industrial country.

The Guinness family history provided a great case study for business men and leaders, as well as the chance to look at the struggle of several good Christian men as they work to support and love their family while balancing they impact and contribution to society.




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