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Review: “Permission to Speak Freely” by Anne Jackson

by Benjamin Anderson 3. October 2010 10:08

Permission to Speak Freely is a very short and easy read, but this does not mean that it is any less impacting.  The production quality is some of the best printing you’ll ever see in a paperback. The book is not a standard Christian self-help book, but a collection of stories and art.

I enjoyed reading this book, but the book intends to be one of art without a conclusion.  The result is a stirring of emotion without direction.  Very similar to the results of a teenager after a week at youth camp.  While some will be able find direction and an outlet.  I love the message and intent, but I feel that for the purpose of art the book is missing out on an opportunity to open up real discussion.  Without direction many of the hurt can easily misdirect their release.

I highly recommend leaders read the book, and use the book to open up discussion with groups, disciples and people within their care for counseling.  But I wouldn’t recommend the book for someone that is suffering as an alternative to meeting.  Since it has no conclusion or direction, it should only be used as a conversation starter, which is it’s intent.


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