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Review: Everyday Greatness

by Benjamin Anderson 24. September 2009 08:44

Everyday Greatness is a compilation of inspirational short stories, quotes and proverbs that will challenge and spur the reader on to achieving their potential, regardless of where they are in life.  The book is full of illustrations and short stories that any speaker, secular teacher or biblical preacher, will love to have at hand.  The book’s purpose is to help the reader realize that they have a chose to act in life to help others, regardless of what has happened to them and where life has placed them.  Everyone has a purpose and great potential to fill and succeed in that purpose, and as a result of doing so they will influence and inspire other’s throughout their life.

The book acts as a cheerleader for any one that picks it up, helping to kick into gear the desire and yearning to impact the world and people around them in a positive way.  The short stories will bring tears and joy to any living person, even if they only read one story from the entire book.

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Review: Outlier

by Benjamin Anderson 2. March 2009 12:24

Outlier is a great book.  It covers an unusual perspective that the individual is not the sole driver of one’s success.  The societal outliers are the result of linear progressions on inter-connected and related events.  It is a very interesting. and even entertaining read.  Definitely a must read.

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