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by Benjamin Anderson 1. January 2009 08:38
I finally graduated, as of the 19th.  Which means I'm finished with school.  Indefinitely.  I will not be going back for another degree.  I might do other things, take classes and stuff but I will not be committing to school again for another long term session ever again.

My Dad ordered me a Kindle for a graduation present, but they have been on a waiting list since November, so it will ship sometime in March.  You'd think that Amazon would have a little better understanding of the demand for their product.  I just hope that the management and teams for the Kindle supply and development are not the same as those overseeing their infrastructure and cloud technologies...  If so, then once demand ramps up for things on the processing side, several customers are going to find themselves up a creek without a paddle due to the lack of processing resources.

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