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Review: “For These Tough Times” by Max Lucado

by Benjamin Anderson 23. December 2008 19:10

This book is the perfect companion to the pastor that can’t always speed all of their time with the families going through hard times.  While we all try to be there to encourage and provide supporting comfort to individuals suffering through trials, there are times that we not only can’t be there enough physically, but we also can’t provide adequate answers for the questions at hand.

This small book is a great alternative to just handing over a list of scriptures and a Bible.  Max Lucado walks through multiple individuals in scripture that struggled with the questions that we all have during the hard times.  He also walks the reader through Romans 8 and God’s love and support for us.  The explanations are brief and to the point, allowing them to reach the heart through all the chaotic noise of trauma and tragedy. 

This book isn’t a standard inspirational reader, it is a small 80 page book that is meant to be absorbed quickly and provide answers in places like the waiting room and the court house lobby.  An individual not going through the drama of life’s hardships will not get as much experience from this book as someone already hurting and overwhelmed by lose and confusion.  This book is more an asset for the comforter than it is a book for the everyday Christian.  There are multiple titles already available for individuals that aren’t struggling with the complications of lose and trauma, and those will provide a more meaningful value for learning and discipline than this brief, but purposeful book will provide.

Overall, I feel that this book fills its purpose well, and I would recommend it for anyone that needs a gift to give someone waiting for answers.


You can find the book here and here.

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