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OpenGL development in Win32 with VS2008 part 2

by Benjamin Anderson 28. November 2008 19:56

One of the issues I’ve run into while looking at tutorials over the last month is that there are several the use the glaux header and lib, which has been deprecated. This isn’t a show stopper, but it does mean that the samples won’t compile straight out of the box.

Two resources I’ve found that help with removing the old references and working around the issue are:

The steps are simple:

  1. Download GLUT 3.7 or newer
  2. Install it, copy the files to the proper include folders.
  3. Remove the references to glaux in the source files for your project.
  4. Remove the gluax.lib reference.
  5. Add kernel32.lib , user32.lib , gdi32.lib and advapi32.lib under the link references.
  6. Include the new glut.h
  7. Rebuild

You can also download the old SDK from here:


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