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Review: Collapse of Distinction by Scott McKain

by Benjamin Anderson 15. July 2009 16:43

“Collapse of Distinction” is a book about means of defining and distinguishing yourself and your business among the millions of other businesses and people on planet.  In an ever increasing global market and competitive market we have make our businesses stand out using even the slightest differences.

The book starts off good and draws you in, but throughout the book I continued to expect McKain to complete a sentence or finish a story, but by the time I reached the end of the book I still had that feeling.  The book does not deliver.  Too many times the examples and stories used felt more like distractions rather than stepping stones, and the reader never reaches the point of actually learning anything.  Reading the cover and summary for the book have the same effectiveness as the entire book does is communicating the fact that there has to be differences to have distinction.


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