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Review: Rex by Cathleen Lewis

by Benjamin Anderson 13. April 2009 19:02
Rex is a mother's reflection on her struggle and joys as a parent of an blind and autistic boy.  Cathleen walks the reader through the hardships, the internal struggles, and joys of understanding true love and peace that hope and faith can bring, despite life's many struggles.  Rex is an autistic and blind child that has one strong connection to the world around him through music as a savant.

While not an easy book to read due too the emotionally heavy content, this is one book that I believe should be added to the required reading list of learning young adults.  The book is an instant and reaffirming acknowledgment for those that have learned what unconditional love really is.  But the book is also an opportunity for those that do not quite understand unconditional love, due to a lack of experience, to experience it through a mother's own struggle with the pains of this world and the joys of children despite the hardships and struggles that come with being a parent.

I especially recommend this book for individuals that desire to grow in areas of helps ministry.  This book will work on your empathy more than anything.


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