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Review: The Vertical Self by Mark Sayers

by Benjamin Anderson 27. September 2010 20:09

Reading this book can be compared to walking into the presence of Christ.  The purpose of the book is to get the reader to evaluate our time and energy spent trying to evolve ourselves into what we believe the world wants and needs while we search in the wrong places to discover ourselves.  If we focused more on our vertical and eternal self image, we’d both feel better about who we really are and accomplish our purpose and roles God has intended for us.  The book allows the reader to consider their walk’s consistency in terms of who God made us to be.  Many subtle sections of the book will hit the reader as they progress through the chapters.  Don’t be surprised when a part catches you, and your left considering your new found conviction.  This should discourage anyone, because the book won’t discourage or condemn.

I recommend this book for anyone, regardless of where they are in their walk with God.  Newly saved may not have an “experience” with this book, but it might prevent them from having to deal with the baggage of our post-salvation worldliness.  I can easily see myself reviewing the material in the book yearly.




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