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Review: “Plan B” by Pete Wilson

by Benjamin Anderson 27. September 2010 20:21

Everyone has experienced hard changes, plans not going as expected, and dreams falling apart.  But not everyone knows how to deal with those disappointments, and some of them are just too big for us to pickup from on our own if we haven’t been there before.

“Plan B” provides some stepping stones for dealing with the baggage and issues that come with missing our Plan A.  Pastors around the world know how complicated it can be for someone to move on, to move along and get along after tragedy or failure, but they can’t be there all the time to hold the hand of those in need.  This book is an awesome resource for both the helper and the helped.  I don’t believe that this book is any kind of replacement or a one solution stop-gap for the wounds caused by life, but it can be the hand railing that provides some support and direction while climbing through the emotional and physical turmoil.

More than once I’ve caught myself tearing up while reading and re-evaluating the circumstances the individuals discussed in the book have experienced, and the situations I’ve been through myself.  This book can be the little something, that makes things click when we’re alone.




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