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Starbucks begins to serve beer and wine as test

by Benjamin Anderson 17. July 2009 15:31

Starbucks is adding beer and wine to their menu at a test site.  “15th Ave. Coffee and Tea inspired by Starbucks” will serve beer and wine along with Starbucks’ normal coffee and tea menu.

Some might think this is a horrible idea and a step in the wrong direction for the coffee company.  But the decision will probably be the first thing to drastically re-vamp the company during the recession slump and the drag in sales.  Starbucks has been a social “hub” for a while where people meet for business, social meet-ups and teen hang-outs, so the introduction of the alcohol with business and teen meet-ups has some people uneasy with the possibility.  The possibility of creating an environment for both early morning and afternoon business as well as the post-business hangouts.  The happy hour crowd will find a possibility in Starbucks as an alternative to restaurant bars, which don’t provide as comfortable environments for just hanging out and letting go.

Original story in USA Today.




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