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  • AKTR

    The Assisted Knowledge and Troubleshooting Repository is an automated knowledge and troubleshooting tool. All articles and solutions for issues are graded and ranked based on frequency of use and occurrence for a particular issue.

  • Facebook BlogEngine Extension

    An extension to interface with Facebook and update your Facebook status with your latest blog post.

  • Time Tracker and Reporting for iPhone/Touch

    My newest project to create a mobile time tracking application that will sync remotely with an invoicing and billing website.

  • BlogEngine.Net Templates

    I'm working on a set of simple CSS based blog templates that will have full support for the BlogEngine.NET v1.5 features.


My name is Benjamin Anderson; I'm a developer in Plano, TX. My day job consists of developing automated and quality control software for the travel industry. My side jobs consist of consulting, freelance development and design, photography, graphics design, audio engineering, video editing and producing, and writing. I spent over two years working with Master's Commission here in Plano. I say over two years, because I was in the program for only two years, but I worked very closely with the team before I was in the program, and I still continue to work with them. I've been a leader in our young adults group at church since I graduated from high school, and doing work for the group is one of my primary passions.

I plan on eventually starting a company that focuses on IT services and software for churches. This won't simply be tools for contact management and sermon writing, but tools that will help with the multimedia production and management aspects as well. Churches have a need for more media presents in their services, but most don't have the man power, the energy or the time to get anything half way decent done. I plan to help streamline the process, and make every step as simple as possible. I've personally spent a lot of time preparing content for services, and know the frustrations and difficulties facing those that are trying to offer a service geared toward today's generation. The equipment, the software, and the inconsistencies make the process difficult for even seasoned people, meaning you can forget about your volunteers providing much help or relief.

I have experience in multiple areas, and have tried very hard to be as rounded as possible. My primary passion is learning, creating and solving life's mysteries. As a result I've spent a lot of time doing a lot of different things. I started programming when I was eight in BASIC, then at 13 I started C++, and I've been programming every since. In the seventh grade I taught my entire grade level how to program in BASIC, and in High School as the President of the Computer Club I taught advanced C++ programming classes after school. I spent much of my time during high school working on science fair projects, with focuses ranging from aerodynamics and jet engines to genetic engineering and DNA sequencers to high level encryption and deciphering. While competing in science fair I presented my research at Texas A&M on several occasions and at the AAAS conference and convention in Washington DC in 2000, along with the standard science fair events. I continue my support and affection for the local science programs by volunteering my time as a mentor and judge for the science fairs in Plano.

My senior year in high school I competed in the UIL computer science competition for the first time and placed 1st in the district, the Junior that I trained and competed with went on to State and placed in the top 5 there. My senior year I was also awarded the Microsoft Scholar Award and Scholarship, and was given an opportunity to interview for an internship in Redmond following my freshman year at UTD. Since graduating from high school, I've spent much of my time working with my church and started the Campus Crusade for Christ student group at UTD. After my sophomore year at UTD, I went into Master's Commission of Plano and spent 9 months traveling around the country ministering at church, youth groups, youth rallies, and schools. My second year in Master's Commission I was solely responsible for any media and technical aspects of our team and ministry.  I mentor several students, and taught graphics design concepts and skills when time was allotted.  While still in Master’s Commission, I also worked for the parent church of the program doing audio editing and mastering for leadership lessons and for the music department.  It was during this time that I started classical guitar lessons and truly got serious about playing and learning the classical guitar.

Sadly, I don’t play guitar much any more, but the skills I learned while playing the guitar helped me understand music better, and what I was really doing while mixing and re-mastering music.

Today, I spend much of my time hanging out with friends from church, trying to finish up school, programming and engineering new ideas, watching anime, cartooning, improving my photography, writing sermons, reading, and occasionally playing a video game.  I love helping people reach their full potential, so I absolutely enjoy mentoring people. 

current projects
  • Assisted Knowledge and Troubleshooting Repository
  • Facebook BloggerEngine extension