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  • AKTR

    The Assisted Knowledge and Troubleshooting Repository is an automated knowledge and troubleshooting tool. All articles and solutions for issues are graded and ranked based on frequency of use and occurrence for a particular issue.

  • Facebook BlogEngine Extension

    An extension to interface with Facebook and update your Facebook status with your latest blog post.

  • Time Tracker and Reporting for iPhone/Touch

    My newest project to create a mobile time tracking application that will sync remotely with an invoicing and billing website.

  • BlogEngine.Net Templates

    I'm working on a set of simple CSS based blog templates that will have full support for the BlogEngine.NET v1.5 features.

Auditory Stimulation

Old Tunes

These files are all old, from '98-'00. Most of them were done while I was trying to avoid homework during high school. None of them are very good... Just a word of warning.

Right click and select Save As to save, otherwise the file will probably be streamed.

China Tone (CoolV2) [1.2MB]
da Beat [940KB]
sucks [948KB]
Ben's First [596KB]

Newer Stuff

The Gollum Interviews
Credits: Ryan Rijken as Gollum and Chris Crow as Harry Caray.
Track 1 [2.6MB]
Track 2 [2.0MB]
Track 3 [2.6MB]

current projects
  • Assisted Knowledge and Troubleshooting Repository
  • Facebook BloggerEngine extension