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“Rebecca’s” new toy

by Benjamin Anderson 15. May 2009 20:19

I’m typing this on a little pink Acer Aspire One netbook.  Yes, I said pink.  I bought it today for my wife to use while in school.  It would only $50 at Radio Shack after signing up for a two year contract with AT&T for mobile 3G data.

Despite the fact that it is slower than my old laptop, it is a neat little toy.  It only has an 8.9” wide aspect ratio screen with a 1024x600 resolution, and it is no bigger than our portable DVD player.  In fact, in the bag it looks like a portable DVD player, only it’s metallic pink.  Barbie Doll pink.

I played with it while at work today, and it works very well.  Running XP again is a little different since some of the UI elements are still as ugly as Windows95, but with only 1GB of RAM I’m not going to install Vista on it.  It is a netbook.  Plenty of storage, but the audio isn’t all that great, it’s not meant to do much more than surf and do office stuff, but it does boot fairly quickly and it is snappy enough for me to use when I’m on call or we’re on the road.  For school and general uses that my wife needs a laptop for, we couldn’t have found a better deal.  Hey, we also get unlimited wifi access at AT&T hotspots, some of Rebecca’s favorite places to study.




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