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    The Assisted Knowledge and Troubleshooting Repository is an automated knowledge and troubleshooting tool. All articles and solutions for issues are graded and ranked based on frequency of use and occurrence for a particular issue.

  • Facebook BlogEngine Extension

    An extension to interface with Facebook and update your Facebook status with your latest blog post.

  • Time Tracker and Reporting for iPhone/Touch

    My newest project to create a mobile time tracking application that will sync remotely with an invoicing and billing website.

  • BlogEngine.Net Templates

    I'm working on a set of simple CSS based blog templates that will have full support for the BlogEngine.NET v1.5 features.


Software for the Simple Things

This section will soon contain tools I've written to make things easier for my work. This ranges from a simple will iTunes music information program, to utilities used for development. All software provided here is free for use, but is provided without support. If you find a bug or have a problem, you're free to report it, but there is no guarantee that the problem will be addressed.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please email me.
- Thanks Benjamin Anderson

Utlities - General:AutoMute Windows Service

AutoMute is a Windows Service that monitors for the Session Lock event in Windows. When the current session locks the Default audio device is muted.
This is a nice little utility for those of us that listen to music while at work in close vicinity to our co-workers and constantly forget to mute or pause our music when we take our headphones off and walk away.

Version 1.0 Features:
  • Automatically mute and unmute main system sound upon session lock and unlock.
Future Features:
  • Configurable behavior - always mute/unmute vs. restoring previous state after session changes.
  • Laptop Login AutoMute - Automatically mute sound upon boot up for laptops before login to prevent embarrassing login chimes from interrupting classes and meetings.
  • .NET 2.0 Runtime

Download: Click Here to Download

Windows Mobile Utlities - Project Management

Time Tracker Mobile 1.0

For anyone doing contract work or trying to track their time on the go, it is often difficult to stay on top of all the time logging. Time Tracker is a very simple application to track time spent on tasks.


The application is fairly simple to use. Just install the CAB on your WM 2003 or greater device and then run it. You can edit the task title any time you need to. Times can only be edited when the timing is stopped for that item. All times are measured in decimal units and rounded up to the nearest tenth of an hour. This is just the first version of the app, so there aren't many features and no settings or customizations right now.

Time Tracker Features!
  • Time is measured independently for each task.
  • All tasks are save to an xml file in your My Documents folder.
  • Tasks can be added, started, stopped and deleted at any time.
  • Runs on any Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 phone or PDA. Sorry, only touchscreen devices.
  • The app is completely free! It's not shareware, demo ware or pay for use software. It's free!

Download Time Tracker Mobile: Click Here

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